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🔨Founding ML Engineer - Grit



Software Engineering, Data Science
Posted on Saturday, January 14, 2023
About the role
As our first machine learning hire, you will be responsible for building our foundational ML infrastructure and experimenting with novel techniques to deliver product value through deep learning. You’ll experiment with fine-tuning existing models and building custom models to solve problems like automatic type inference, code similarity analysis, and program synthesis.
This role is ideal for tinkerers and researchers who want to see their insights transformed into real products. You will have significant ownership over our product roadmap and autonomy to design experiments from scratch.
About Grit
Research potential approaches to deploy machine learning for solving concrete business problems.
Define strategies to build ML infrastructure for model development (training, validation, tuning) and model serving.
Transform words into product: understand concepts in research papers and revamp research code to build production-grade ML code to power magical experiences in our product.
4+ years of software engineering experience with at least 2 years of applied machine learning experience
Execution-driven mindset: you love shipping.
Comfortable working on low-structure environments and navigating unknown unknowns.
Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills.
Why you should join us
Build a meaningful product to solve a tangible problem for companies.
Ownership in all senses of the word: significant equity upside, direct impact on product vision, and contact with users.
Solve your own problems. We dogfood our own product and you can build the ideal developer experience as you work.
You’ll learn new techniques on the cutting edge of research in programming languages and machine learning.
Work with a talented team from Google and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
We’re well-funded and offer a competitive base salary up to $250k.
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