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Posted on Saturday, January 14, 2023
Our Mission
Grit is on a mission to crush technical debt.
We believe that a big challenge in the next decade will be crumbling digital infrastructure. Our entire modern economy runs on code, but we haven’t developed appropriate tools to ensure software remains reliable over time.
Companies know that technical debt threatens the reliability of their services and slows down the pace of innovation, but struggle to find enough engineering talent to fix issues—most software maintenance today is still done manually and delayed as long as possible.
We believe there is a better way: we’re building Grit, a query language for automatically maintaining software. Underneath, we use advanced parsing, static analysis, and machine learning to automatically generate pull requests.
We’re funded by top investors (Founders Fund, Abstract Ventures, 8VC) and have launched a private beta with paid customers. Our team is 6 engineers based in NYC and San Francisco.
About the role
You will lead the design of Grit, working closely with founders and engineers to conceptualize interfaces for programming the future. Your work will answer questions like:
When most code is machine-generated, what do new developer interfaces look like?
How do we teach developers a new way of programming?
What is the most effective way to educate the next generation of developers in an ML-first world?
How can program graphs be represented with less complexity, allowing rapid comprehension?
What parts of the developer experience should still be artisanal when software is built at industrial scale?
Your work will mostly start in Figma, but you should be comfortable implementing your designs with CSS and JavaScript. Yes, we know that’s rare—since this is a developer product, we find developers have the best intuitions for how to design it.
If this role sounds interesting to you, let us know here.Even if you’re not quite sure, we encourage you to apply anyway.
Design new interfaces for analyzing source code and managing the software development lifecycle.
Curate and maintain our design system in Figma and React.
Prototype new UI interactions and write CSS/JS to turn your designs into products.
Experience designing creative application interfaces demonstrated in a strong portfolio.
You have demonstrated experience writing CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript.
Execution-driven mindset: you love shipping.
Interest in programming languages (ex. compilers) or machine learning is a plus, but not required. You’ll learn more on the job!
Comfortable working in low-structure environments and navigating unknown unknowns.
Location Policy
We believe that the most impactful work is done through high bandwidth in-person collaboration, particularly at an early-stage company. Most of the team is in NYC and SF and we expect most candidates to join us in the office at least a few days a week. Some exceptions are possible for candidates with a demonstrated public track record in related fields, but the bar is much higher.
How to apply
If this role sounds interesting to you, let us know here.Even if you’re not quite sure, we encourage you to apply anyway.