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Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

JavaScript Ecosystem Lead - Grit


Our Mission

Grit is on a mission to crush technical debt.
We believe that a big challenge in the next decade will be crumbling digital infrastructure. Our entire modern economy runs on code, but we haven’t developed appropriate tools to ensure software remains reliable over time.
Companies know that technical debt threatens the reliability of their services and slows down the pace of innovation, but struggle to find enough engineering talent to fix issues—most software maintenance today is still done manually and delayed as long as possible.
We believe there is a better way: we’re building Grit, a query language for automatically maintaining software. Underneath, we use advanced parsing, static analysis, and machine learning to automatically generate pull requests.
Founders Fund and Abstract Ventures led our $7M seed round and we have many paying customers on our beta product. Our team is currently 5 engineers.

About the role

As our JavaScript ecosystem lead, you will be responsible for making sure we have amazing support for transforming and improving JavaScript code. You’ll work directly with our founders (Cosmin and Morgante) to plan the roadmap for JavaScript and TypeScript across multiple open source JavaScript projects (React, Jest, Angular, etc.).
This is a multi-disciplinary role which involves directly coding new features, developing transformations for open source problems, and working directly with customers on their requirements.
This role is ideal for JavaScript experts who are looking to advance their career by doing more open source work, learning about compiler engineering, or expanding into developer advocacy.


Identify and build patterns to improve open source and customer JavaScript code.
Contribute to our product roadmap by suggesting (and building) features to enhance our integration with the JavaScript ecosystem.
Showcase Grit by using it to improve open source projects and making substantive community contributions.
Create technical product content such as technical blog posts, website copy, and developer documentation.


3+ years experience developing JavaScript code.
A demonstrated history of open source contributions to the JavaScript ecosystem.
Execution-driven mindset: you love shipping.
Comfortable working in low-structure environments and navigating unknown unknowns.
Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills.
Previous experience working on developer products or linters (even as a side project) is a plus.
Open source contributions are highly valued.

Why you should join us

Build a meaningful product to solve a tangible problem for companies.
Ownership in all senses of the word: significant equity upside, direct impact on product vision, and contact with users.
Solve your own problems. We dogfood our own product and you can build the ideal developer experience as you work.
You’ll work on the frontiers of programming languages and machine learning.
We have a long runway and can offer a competitive base salary (up to $250k).

Location Policy

We believe that the most impactful work is done through high bandwidth in-person collaboration, particularly at an early-stage company. Most of the team works from our NYC office, near Union Square. Exceptions are possible for candidates with a demonstrated track record in related fields.

How to apply

If this role sounds interesting to you, let us know here. Even if you’re not quite sure, we encourage you to apply anyway.