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Posted on Monday, June 10, 2024

Strategy & Operations (1)

New York City, NY

About us

We cut the red tape between patients and their medicine. Our mission is to make using health care easy for everyone, starting with prescription drugs.
Health care in the US often feels impossible, especially when you need to use insurance. Just figuring out what benefits you’re entitled to requires hours of back-and-forth. It’s so common that healthcare researchers gave it a name: sludge. When dealing with serious health issues, you have no choice but to waste your energy battling the system to get what you need.
The problems show up most acutely and consistently with complex medications – these drugs make up 25%+ of all healthcare spend because they're the only way to treat many serious conditions. Unfortunately, they’re unaffordable without insurance, and the paperwork to get them approved takes weeks, if not months. A Washington Post reporter captured the experience poignantly in an article earlier this year.
Thanks to recent developments in healthcare data regulation and AI, we are changing this: tandem helps patients get life-changing medicine as quickly and cheaply as possible, handling all the complexity of insurance, financial assistance programs, and pharmacy supply & network issues. Behind the scenes, we are also supporting research and development of new therapies. And the same regulatory and technological developments will allow us to drive similar change for other categories of healthcare – we are building a company to abstract away all the complexity of health insurance for anyone.
Our initial product is live today with ecstatic feedback from patients and doctors, and we now need help scaling. Join us to prevent people who need treatment from getting caught in the red tape!
We’re lucky to have the support of Thrive Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, BoxGroup, Pear VC, Vast Ventures, SV Angel, Comma Capital, Coalition Operators, and many angel investors, and we are sufficiently funded for the next few years.

About the role

What we’re doing is super complex, both in terms of business context and the tech required. It requires understanding the intricacies of health insurance rules, archaic healthcare systems, and what makes experiences effective for patients, providers, and pharmacies. In this role on our team, you’ll need to become deeply familiar with all of the above to deploy across the company on problem solving.
This is the kind of role which involves constantly learning new things. Your work will be hyper cross-functional, driving forward core projects in tight partnership with our leadership team. In addition, you will lead new initiatives, exploring new opportunities and helping us understand whether we should or shouldn’t pull trigger on them. You’ll build an appreciation for all the different challenges an early-stage company faces, as well as become super well-versed in US healthcare.
We know that the products and services we build and the reach they have, and therefore our chance of making a difference, will be better when we have more diverse perspectives. This is especially important in healthcare, where the problems affect everyone differently and disproportionately impact people in underserved communities. We’re excited to work with people from underrepresented backgrounds, and we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply.

If you join, you will:

Become an expert in the world of medication access, ranging from how every relevant type of health insurance process works to how pharmaceutical companies launch new drugs
Collaborate with the rest of our team to prioritize business goals as we balance supporting patients with building a long-term profitable business
Own problems/outcomes from start to finish across multiple of the following areas:
Our approach to provider partnerships (outreach through implementation) across a wide range of organization types
Our growth strategy for each specialty area we decide to pursue, including partnerships with other distribution channels
Our core operations for processing prescriptions end-to-end and handling inbound/outbound engagement with patients, providers, and pharmacies
Our plans for expanding to and scaling across a wide range of specialties, geographies, and insurance situations
Explore and evaluate new opportunities (both internal and external) for the company

We’ll be most excited if you:

Have experience in a role that requires analytical problem solving, operational rigor, and outcome ownership (e.g., fast-growing startup, finance, consulting, core member of a 0 -> 1 business line at a high-performing organization)
Know how to deal with ambiguous problems
Know how to work with complex data
Are pragmatic and can see the bigger picture
Are high output and bias towards action
Are excited to be a part of our mission! We’re pumped about what we’re working towards, and we want you to be, too.
P.S. This is a list of ideal qualifications for this position. If you don't meet every single one of them, you should still consider applying!

How to Apply

To apply, email us directly at careers@withtandem.com. Please include “Strategy & Operations” in the subject line; in the body of the email, please include links to help us learn more about you and your work (LinkedIn, resume, personal website, etc.).