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Remote · San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, October 13, 2023
Hi! I'm Larissa 👋🏼 Founding Teammate at Rupa. I'm looking for my next superhero.... Head of Customer Support!🤩
I am looking for a hardworking almond butter to my jelly who I can team up with to create (& maintain) the best possible customer support. We are a rapidly-growing company and we need a key player to lead our Customer Support teams. I’m looking for someone to take our team from 1 to 100 and create the MOST exceptional experience for our customers and our team. ⭐️
About Us 💙
At Rupa, we're not just in the business of healthcare; we're in the business of creating "WOW" moments for our practitioners and patients. We believe in turning everyday customer support into extraordinary experiences. We're looking for a Head of Customer Support to lead our team in this mission.

Your Quest 😎

  • As the Head of Customer Support, your quest is to build and lead a customer support team that provides the highest satisfaction for our practitioners and patients. You'll be our Customer Support rockstar, and here's what you'll own from day one:
  • Lead the Team: You'll be the conductor of our talented Customer Support Leads, Mark & Tim, helping them & their teams become world class.
  • Boost Productivity and Efficiency Through Data & Automation: You'll set the stage for success by establishing target metrics for our agents and finding innovative ways to automate tasks while preserving our unique Rupa voice and human warmth.
  • Create a Seamless Feedback Loop: You'll bridge the gap between customer support and our product team, ensuring we're always in tune with our customers' needs and building a product they love.
  • Change Management: You'll lead the team through product updates, ensuring our agents are well-prepared to showcase our latest features.
  • Rupa Voice Guru: You'll ensure that our Customer Support team speaks the Rupa language in all customer interactions, from templates to handwritten messages.
  • Quality Assurance: You'll be the guardian of customer support quality, setting high expectations and providing guidance to our team members.
  • Staffing, Engagement, and Growth: You'll forecast headcount needs, oversee hiring, and create a nurturing environment where our team members can thrive.
  • Peak Performance Evangelist: You'll inspire our agents to do their best work, pushing their metrics to new heights.
  • Dashboard Magician: You'll create a dashboard that paints a clear picture of our CS team's health and performance.

60-Day Scorecard 📝

  • In your first 60 days, here's how we'll measure your success:
  • You'll fully grasp the state of our Customer Support team, identifying areas for improvement and developing concrete plans.
  • Operational bottlenecks will become relics of the past, thanks to your proactive problem-solving.
  • Our product team will receive valuable product feedback without even asking for it.
  • You'll have the product roadmap humming with more than one request.
  • Larissa can finally take a breather from customer support hiring.
  • You'll require minimal guidance from Larissa, acting as a brainstorm buddy.
  • The team runs so smoothly that Larissa won't need to step into the queue.
  • Everyone loves working with you, especially the product team & Tim & Mark.
  • Tim & Mark see you as the CS team's secret sauce for success.
  • Our dashboard will be the go-to for understanding CS team health.
  • Our team will consistently hit SLAs, delivering outstanding customer service.

You are not a great fit if….. 😕

  • You have never managed managers
  • You have only managed a customer success team
  • You have never worked at a start up (Seed - Series B)
  • You don't feel confident working with & analyzing data
  • You are not willing to work in the ticket queue
  • You are looking for a “9 - 5 job”
  • You have not scaled a customer support team past 20 in house agents
A note from your future team! 💌
Tim Cooney - Customer Support Lead
Hi I'm Tim! I'm a Slack fanatic. When I'm not perusing or sharing the latest happenings in our remote office, you can find me spending time with my team. My reports are priority number 1 for me - sometimes to a fault! You can expect (and may even grow to love) the fun Slack emoji and light hearted banter. I never miss a moment to laugh but also know when it’s time to go heads down and GSD! As a true team player I genuinely enjoy collaborating with a thought partner, productive discourse, and soaking in frontline feedback from my team. Outside of work, you can find me cooking simple yet delicious meals, spending time with family, jogging, hiking or taking long walks with my partner, and planning our next trip. Next stop, Hawaii!
Larissa Spearnak -Head of Customer Operations
This role will report to me & I am the hiring manager, so study up!
I love love love all things operations and problem solving! I have a strong passion for my people and am looking for someone who feels the same! Because I care so deeply for my people I am looking for an A+ player to join me in growing our Customer Support team 😎
If I could problem solve all day I would BUT- I do save time for other hobbies like mountain biking, house plants, hiking, camping, and most importantly, fly fishing!! I work best with 1-2 collaborators and really enjoy creating deep connections with each of my teammates and reports. I am an 8 (challenger) on the enneagram and love to question things and find the weak points to make sure it’s the best decision. I strongly value ship it over perfecting it. My top three personal values are growth, curiosity, and adventure- I try to live by these everyday! *This role will replace my current responsibilities as I transition into a new role at Rupa.
Learn a bit more about Rupa Health🦄
Rupa makes lab testing simple. We turn an archaic 15 hour-a-week process into a delightful 15 min task for doctors, nurses, and even acupuncturists ordering lab testing for their patients.
Lab testing is the key to a more personalized and holistic approach to medicine, and Rupa is paving the way with critical infrastructure for this next generation of healthcare. Through Rupa, practitioners can order testing not available through the average hospital, such as DNA testing, microbiome testing, advanced fertility and hormone testing, and more.
This comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare is the missing piece for the millions of people suffering from complex, chronic health conditions. Rather than band-aid solutions, our providers strive to understand, diagnose, and treat the root cause of people’s health issues. At Rupa, we are building the infrastructure to make this root-cause approach the standard of care for every person on the planet. 🌎
Culture is super important to us - we're a close-knit team of friends who are looking for a smart, energetic, hardworking and driven person to join us!
We’re committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Rupa Health is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status.